Optime data warehouse

Gartner BI magic quadrant 2019

Optime builds data warehouses on Microsoft BI platform. Microsoft is a clear leader among BI platforms. Optime's solution utilizes full functionality of Microsoft BI and can be complemented with Optime's own value-adding products.

Based on Optime's tested and proven data model

Optime's business knowledge is turned into data model, which can be swiftly adjusted to cover management information needs of most companies. Despite the size and business domain, main processes in organizations are very similiar and this makes use of best practices possible.

Business knowledge not just technology

Critical success factor in building management information systems (MIS) is ability to understand customers business problems. Understanding of business domain and knowledge of data warehouse technology enables us to offer solutions to business problems and also to prototype/implement them very quickly. Common process model with busines user->analyst->project manager->developer->business user is not very suitable for MIS development - business side does not know the possibilities of the technology and IT is not able to offer solutions to business problems.

When selecting a MIS partner, some simple business concepts knowledge is essential:

  • How are financial transactions recorded? What is a general ledger entry? Debit and credit?
  • How are P&L, balance sheet and cashflow reports compiled?
  • How is data consolidated on different levels?
  • How to measure strategy?
  • What is product profitability and what are prerequisites to measure it?
  • How to manage master data?
  • How to setup budgeting and forecating when you have 100 000 products ja 10 000 customers?

In order to get the required management information, usually some changes to information generation and management are needed. Optime's experience allows us to offer solutions that work long term, we understand business and technology.

Adding value with Optime's products

Juhtimisinfosüsteemi loomine ja haldamine on protsess, kus soovid paratamatult kasvavad koos kompetentsi kasvamisega. Alustades peamiste ärivaldkondade analüüsist jõutakse üha laiema katvuseni ning lihtsamalt analüüsilt liigutakse planeerimisele. Juhtimisinfosüsteemi jätkusuutlikkuse seisukohast on oluline näha vajaduste kasvu ette juba esmase funktsionaalsuse loomisel, et mitte hiljem taas otsast alustada. Optime andmemudel toetab süsteemi lihtsat laiendamist planeerimis- ja kuluarvestusfunktsioonidega.

Optime tooted

Microsofti BI platvorm uses standard technologies - SQL,MDX etc. Optime has developed products that add value using same technologies. Using Optime products one can easily add budgeting and forecasting on top of data warehouse, using SSAS OLAP write-back and configurable planning forms. Master data can be managed in relational tables using model-based UI. Actions defined using SQL can be used to manage and control data warehouse data loads and data manipulation. Using Optimes products all data warehouse managemnt can be delegated to business users.

Fully managed MIS with Optime

MIS is not static, over time it needs enhancement and support. Optime provides services for all parts of MIS development - starting from requirement analysis/definition to implementation and maintenance. Reporting and analysis systems can be complemented with planning and advanced costing systems.

Simple and transparent pricing

Implementation of data warehouse/MIS is not a privilige for big multinationals anymore, organizations of all sizes can afford it. Common risks with any IS implentation are delays and costs far above budget. Our pricing is transparent and simple - you get a fixed price which rules out unpleasent surprises.