Optime - business planning, master data and data warehouse management

Good business planning is a foundation of every succesful company. Planning system integrates data from different areas - sales, marekting, production, finance etc - thus creating an unified overview of the business. Combined with analysis of the past performance, a reliable view of the future business is designed, based on which focused action plan can be created. Good planning system is simple, flexible and reasonably priced. Optime is a simple and affordable planning application based on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Optime includes functions needed to manage and run Microsoft BI based data warehouse and planning solution.

Master data management

Master data management

UI for relational tables can be created (read from the table definition) with ease. UI can be enhanced with dropdowns, actions on data etc. Relational tables are used to store master data, data management rules, mappings etc. Controlled access to this data in SQL server avoides hassle and data quality problems associated with file management.

Central management of planning forms

OLAP write back budgeting and forecasting forms MDX

Dynamic data input forms can be created using MDX. Custom variables and filters can be defined simplifying management of multiple forms - for example active planning period and version can be changed on all forms once etc.

Web based planning forms

OLAP budgeting forecasting forms UI

Forms are web-based, you only need a modern browser to be part of the planning process. You can enter, copy-paste and drag data like in Excel.

Excel integration

OLAP write back web excel integration OLAP write back web excel import

Planning forms can be integrated with Excel - in an Excel file you can add and modify data using full Excel functionality and then easily import the result onto planning form.

Adding comments to data

Budgeting forecasting add comments

Comments can be added to data. Like data, they are available for reporting in real time.

Centralized business logic

Central planning logic - calculations, allocations etc - can be defined in OLAP. All parts of MDX script can be managed through an application.

Integration in real-time

Data is available in real-time after entry, it can used in all reports and tools - Excel, PowerBI and other tools that support SQL/MDX.

Powerful and safe technology

Optime application is based on Microsoft Azure and SQL server. Using standard technologies ensures safety, compatibility and integration with other systems. Optime supports data storage both on-premises and in the cloud.